Lancer Limited revealed last weekend at Goodwood its version for the McLaren P1 GT. The latest work by this British specialist on the Hybrid McLaren hybrid, it seems that was performed to meet the order of a wealthy client of the Middle East.The McLaren P1 does not receive modifications of the ‘Long Tail’ type in the rear, because it has a new and enormous airfoil. The rear part of the model is identical to the original, not extended back as in the ‘Long Tail’ versions and in the original McLaren F1 GT itself, in which it is supposedly inspired. Although this does not mean that there are no changes in this area.This copy is based on the McLaren P1 GTR, the McLaren P1 track-only versions that were used by the Launcher to create the McLaren P1 LM, which were nothing more than registrable versions of the P1 GTR, although relieved in weight compared to this circuit version. According to an identification plate, the original chassis must be GTR # 33, although this has not been confirmed by the specialist.In terms of mechanics there are no changes, or at least the specialist has revealed nothing, then it must have the same specifications of the McLaren P1 LM, with a 3.8-liter V8 engine and double turbo associated with an electric motor, with a combined total power of 985 cv, 69 more than the standard street McLaren P1.However, at the aerodynamic level there are numerous improvements, not only thanks to the high rear aerofoil, which has conventional masts instead of twisted ones that used the GTR and LM versions. In the front part, there are new air outlets for safety buy porsche car cover, a more prominent splitter and a new upper entrance for air intake. At the rear there is a new diffuser and four exhaust ports. The cabin features new coatings combining leather in green and beige, a new carbon wheel and version ID badges.The Lanzante presented this model in Goodwood, but for now it is only known that it is an order made by a capricious and wealthy client of the Middle East. The launcher did not say whether it will be the first in a series, or whether it will be an exclusive one-off.


McLaren’s special and exclusive designs division, MSO, is a specialist in creating unique models and more than once we have already seen how in some of them its heritage of competition is remembered, whether with the latest F1 colors or remembering his victory at Le Mans. But when McLaren joins the competition there’s a color combination that stands out above the rest and that’s the red and white of Marlboro. A decoration that has been synonymous with McLaren for more than 20 years.So, because this year marks the 30th anniversary of what may be McLaren’s most remembered title, when Ayrton Senna and the unbeatable MP4 / 4 dominated the 1988 Formula One championship (the first achieved by the Brazilian), the MSO has released a unique version of the McLaren P1 GTR with the mythical decoration that is a pure tribute to the legendary rider and his car. So is the McLaren P1 GTR Senna.This is an order made by a collector of models from McLaren who from an early age admired Ayrton Senna and wanted to create an emotional tribute to the Brazilian. For this he has been working closely with MSO for the last 3 years, overseeing every detail of the project and the result is this: a P1 GTR that serves as a tribute to Senna and much of McLaren’s history in competitions.To create this iconic decoration were used the colors McLaren Rocket Red and Anniversary White for the body, accompanied in different parts of the car of the official brand of Senna on the door and in the interior areas. Nor did it lack the usual bar code that replaced the Marlboro logo and the number 12 that Ayrton Senna wore in his 1988 single-seater.Another peculiar and unique detail of this unit named by his own owner as ‘Beco’, Senna’s nickname for family and close friends, is that it has a 24-carat gold coating in the area of ​​the engine, much in the line of McLaren F1, as well as other modifications that seem to have raised notably the power of the British sports car for circuits.Aerodynamically there’s also news such as a larger rear airfoil, a wider splitter, wheel arches and a rear ‘gurney flap’ that can deliver a total of 800 pounds of downforce.Details that are also seen inside with the Senna logo in places like the Alcantara and carbon fiber competition steering wheel, as well as Super Lightweight Racing bucket seats developed for the McLaren Senna.It is not known how much the car cost, but due to its exclusivity and improvements, it is better not even know. And of course, with all this competition pack could not miss a custom helmet matching the design of the car.


The new McLaren Senna positions itself as one of the most exclusive, radical and extreme supersports ever created by Woking staff. The British brand has already sold all of its new supercar production, however, this does not mean that they have finalized the plans of the brand in relation to the model whose surname remembers one of the most important pilots of Formula 1 in the history of motorsport.The new McLaren Senna GTR Concept was introduced at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It is a relevant concept car with which McLaren offers the advance of a more radical, extreme and not homologated version for the model roads. Mike Flewitt himself, CEO of McLaren Automotive, has confirmed that the definitive model advanced by the concept will be limited to 75 copies.The new McLaren Senna GTR will be the most extreme model ever assembled at the brand’s Woking plant in the UK. All technical details of the Senna GTR production will be confirmed before the end of this year although the manufacturer has already advanced the first details of that authentic monster on wheels that will be able to tackle any circuit.Based on the Monocage II carbon fiber structure used by McLaren Senna, the GTR version will weigh close to 1,198 kilograms dry. The 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 engine will increase its power by 25 hp to 825 hp. It is not yet known if the maximum torque will be increased beyond the 800 Nm of the base model. The engine will be coupled to a specific transmission for racing.On the other hand, the suspension was revised and new Pirelli competitive tires were fitted. In addition, its aerodynamic part has been improved, allowing the British supersport to generate up to 1,000 kilos of aerodynamic load. Except single-seater Formula 1, it will be the fastest McLaren in the circuits.Aesthetically, the new McLaren Senna GTR differs from conventional McLaren Senna thanks to its image that is unique to any racing vehicle in the most exclusive categories of motor racing. He is dressed in a body kit where the new mudguards, side skirts, front splitter, rear diffuser and the new active rear airfoil stand out. The doors have also been redesigned to improve aerodynamic performance. In addition, the glass windows have been replaced by polycarbonate ones, much lighter.

2017 – 2017 MCLAREN 570S NOVITEC

The Novitec Group has just added a new model to its catalog. The last model to receive its particular treatment was the Mclaren 570S. Until now the well-known German preparer did not offer a package of improvements for the supersports of access to the line of the British mark. After incorporating all the elements and adjustments that make up the program, the McLaren 570S prepared by Novitec can reach the same level as the McLaren 650S.Looking at its exterior appearance, a body kit comes up, which according to the trainer, remarkably improves the aerodynamic performance of the British supersport. They are subtle changes, but they look great on the McLaren 570S. We can see a new front lip, new air intakes and a new fixed rear airfoil. All of these components were made from carbon fiber.All this adds up to the new alloy wheels with five 20- and 21-inch dual spokes – front and rear axles. These wheels are paved with tires in the dimensions of 235/30 ZR20 and 305/30 ZR21 respectively.In terms of interior Novitec did not provide any image and did not say anything about it either, so there should not be any kind of modification. In spite of this, the German preparer offers to his clients a wide catalog of first quality upholstery.Regarding mechanics, the Novitec package of improvements for the McLaren 570S offers the customer a kit that increases by 76 hp the power of the 3.8-liter Twin-Turbo V8 engine that offers a standard 570 hp and 600 Nm, the final number is 646 hp. Thanks to this increased power, the 570S is now capable of reaching a top speed of 335 km / h. There is no acceleration data from 0 to 100 km / h after kit installation.Improved mechanical performance was achieved by optimizing engine management software and installing a high-quality exhaust system available from Inconel (an ultra-light material) or stainless steel. Other adjustments that affect the driving and behavior of the McLaren 570S correspond to the changes made to the suspension.


McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the British brand’s personalization division, features a special edition of the 570GT, with six custom units with one of the brand’s typical colors, already available to customers in the UK, Germany and Holland.The six units are painted in a very special exterior color for McLaren, the XP green that wore the F1 XP GT ‘Longtail’ body of 1997, a color that is also present inside with leather inserts on the seats and contrast stitching , as well as a plate mounted in the central tunnel, below the infotainment screen, which reveals the uniqueness of the unit.The design of the body has a more sporty look thanks to a front splitter, side skirts, rear bumper with diffuser and a spoiler, all painted in dark palladium. In addition, each door carries a strip of the same color that runs behind, starting with a subtle ‘Union Jack’ emblem with a silver gray finish.The McLaren 570GT is the most luxurious and refined Sports Series, providing convenience on long journeys and greater versatility while maintaining an exciting driving experience with unmistakable design thanks to the retractable rear window that gives access to a 220 liters, making up the trunk. It’s the only difference compared to the 570S Coupe, because the engine that drives it is exactly the same, a 3.8-liter biturbo V8 block that offers 570 hp of maximum power and 600 Nm of torque.

In addition, for the most refined, MSO offers the ‘GT Upgrade Pack’, which includes rear view camera, volumetric alarm and a sound system signed by Bowers & Wilkins, as well as new forged five-spoke aluminum wheels of the MSO Collection for the McLaren 570GT XP Green.Although McLaren F1 had been designed as an approved model, McLaren F1 reached the highest point of the competition, achieving the first title in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1995, and to continue in the competition in the following years, McLaren took the F1 GT XP, recognized at the time by the extended rear and its color, being manufactured to satisfy the requirements of homologation of the FIA ​​and that also can be seen in the photo gallery below.